How did I get to England?

I have only vague memories of how I got to England.

An article in Die Yacht in 1940 says that I was already there then.

There is another version which says that I was repossessed by the British Army Officers Club

 after the war.  During the uncertain period of the Berlin Airlift, after having sailed me

 for two or three years, the Brits, afraid that I would end up in the hands of the Communists,

 packed me into the bomb bay of an airplane and flew me to England with the bomb bay doors open.

It's fairly certain that some Berlin boat was transported to England in this way, but the folks

 at the Royal Air Force Museum haven't been able to find an airplane whose bomb bay

would be big enough for me to fit in.

In any case, I raced at Burnham-on-Crouch in 1953 and came in last.

In May 1953, I was put up for sale.  The picture in the advertisement shows me

with a backstay for the first time.