1953-1983: Cruising the Hebrides

The immediate post-WarII period marked the beginning of a decline of Sixes as racing sailboats. 

 Shipping a 4 T. boat and transporting and housing a 5-man crew for a race series is expensive –

too expensive at the time.

  Many Sixes were converted to cruising, with the addition of cabins and motors.

I too was converted to cruising, but I had the luck of falling into the hands of a syndicate of young sailors

 who appreciated my pedigree and my racing lines – and who refused to install an inboard motor.   Their

 predecessors had already installed a self-bailing cockpit and a steering wheel.

 They sailed me all over the western Hebrides, keeping me across from Tobermory. 

 Below are a few pictures from that period.

In 1983, the young sailors had aged to the point of fathering children.  I too had aged and needed a thorough re-fitting.

With that, we parted ways on the best of terms.