My architect's radical design

  I was designed and built in Berlin in 1935.  The designer was Reinhold Drewitz, a very
well known naval architect, but I'm the only Six he designed.

The builder was Wilhelm Buchholz, also well known, but not for Sixes.

Five weeks before my launching, the following announcement appeared:"There is currently under

 construction an international Six in the yard of W. Buchholz for Dr Collignon.  And to the

 constructors self in construction, of these accomplishments one very stretched may be (??).The

 plans have been drawn by the well-known Jolle specialist Reinhard Drewitz; it being along the

 lines of his successful Jolle racers. It is the first international class boat that Drewitz has

 designed. The yacht will presumably be ready to sail this month and the adjustments will follow

 shortly during the Fall. However, its participation in regattas is
currently not planned." (Die

Yacht, 1935, n° 33, p. 24)

Here are my launching pictures and what they said about me:
  "From the shipyard of W. Buchholz comes a truly unusual

 6mIR yacht designed by R. Drewitz for Dr Collignon of the Wannsee

 Sailing Yacht Club.  The strongly divergent form of craft, not only with

 respect to the International Rule boats, but also with respect to other

 customary sound sailing yachts, is indicated by the pictures above.

The length overall of the boat is some 70 cm. shorter and its waterline

length some 1,50 m. shorter than normal Sixes.  Therefore it has an

 unusually long counter and it is 35 to 40 cm. wider than normal

 sailboats.  The stem progresses in a straight line from the forepeak to

 the keel.  The dimensions of the hull permit a significantly greater sail

 area, in excess of 50 m².  This advantage is possible because the

 boat, in addition to its measured plane of flotation, has a second plane

of flotation when it sails.  This change in trim is accomplished by the

 crew being situated fully aft.
" (Die Yacht, 1935, n° 38, p. 17)