My operation - and also the Cherokee blog
  My operation's aim is to get me back into shape like new.

It started by my boss' building a roof over my head.

Next, he bought some used truck parts and built a trailer to move me with my 1600 kg lead keel around the garden.

Since my plans had disappeared, he took off the lines of my hull, measuring over 800 points of my hull, port and starboard, covering stations, waterlines, buttocks and diagonals.  Given the shape I was in, my hull was twisted and either hogged or sagged. 

The measurements were of me as is.  It is necessary to refine them, by laying off my lines, to arrive at a good guess as to what I was like in 1935.

He then evaluated my rating as a Six to see where Reinhard Drewitz had intended my waterline to be.

At this point, to continue with the history of my operation, please go to the boss' blog.

But first, please take a look at Tom Daniel's blog of the construction of US 53 Cherokee.   It is the best step by step description of how to build a Six.  It serves as a guide to my operation.