Looking for a new boss

Unfortunately, age and health problems have caught up with my boss.  He can't finish the operation.

He's looking for a successor who can carry on after him.

Apparently he doesn't think I'm worth very much money, but he will be very selective in choosing the person to whom he'll entrust me.

Since I will be considered a "re-build" by ISMA, something from my old hull must stay a part of me.  The only part that hasn't rotted is my ballast keel.

My price is the value of the lead in my 1.6 T ballast keel, less the cost of shipping it to my successor.

Perhaps the best solution is to pack me up into a 20' container with the trailer, the ballast keel on it and all my components.  There are also tons of files to transfer: detailed photos and measurements.

My lines and a construction plan have been created with AutoCAD.  They can be read and printed for free.  My lines have also been input to the Delftship software, which has calculated the hydrostatics of my hull.

If you'd like to be considered as my boss' successor, please contact him (see the "My boss" page for his address).  He will be available for years, as much as you wish, to help you re-build me.